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HR Changes for 2021

The new tax year is often when HR changes are brought in and this year is no exception. Whilst there…

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Staff Development

There are various benefits to training and developing staff for both employers and employees. For an organisation these benefits can…

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Flexible Working

Flexible working describes a type of working arrangement which gives a degree of flexibility and level of choice on how…

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How to Keep Your Employees Happy at Work

Employee happiness and engagement is difficult at all times, none more so than in times where there are extra restrictions…

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Top Tips for Effective Teamworking

It can be difficult to get effective teamworking at the best of times, but throw in a pandemic with heightened…

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Recruitment – Interviewing Remotely

Recruitment – Interviewing Remotely The first thing to be aware of is that although you are interviewing remotely this needs…

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Sickness Absence Management

Sickness absence management can be very time consuming for managers and high levels of sickness absence can have knock on…

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Keeping your employees’ data safe

Data security if not often something that is considered in the role of HR, and it’s something that is sometimes…

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How to support employees with mental health in the workplace

Supporting employees with mental health is an important part of providing a supportive workplace and never more so than during…

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Snow days and how to manage them

Whilst snow might be one of the last things on your mind right now, it is the time of year…

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