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Welcome to Avon LMC’s blog page. The LMC has been providing advice and support to Practices for many years. However, we realise that not all of our Practices are aware of what we provide. As well as contract advice we offer HR support, DBS checks and training courses, to name a few. Therefore, we have set up this blog in order to discuss subjects relevant to Practices and practice staff.

Have anything you wish us to write about or have any questions? Please feel free to contact the office on 0117 9802755 or info@almc.co.uk.

Burnout in employees

We hear the term ‘burnout’ a lot in the news and on social media. But what is burnout? How can…

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How to manage Corona Virus related absence

Working and living with COVID-19 is becoming a way of life now, but as an employer this raises some queries in terms of how to manage your employees through this pandemic.

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