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Welcome to Avon LMC’s blog page. The LMC has been providing advice and support to Practices for many years. However, we realise that not all of our Practices are aware of what we provide. As well as contract advice we offer HR support, DBS checks and training courses, to name a few. Therefore, we have set up this blog in order to discuss subjects relevant to Practices and practice staff.

Have anything you wish us to write about or have any questions? Please feel free to contact the office on 0117 9802755 or info@almc.co.uk.

Snow days and how to manage them

Whilst snow might be one of the last things on your mind right now, it is the time of year…

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HR’s New Year Resolutions

It’s the time of year for making resolutions and changes in your life, and this state of mind can be…

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How you can celebrate Christmas in a Covid secure way

Christmas parties and work get togethers are a great opportunity to reward your staff and keep the team motivated, and…

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How to manage staff leave requests over the Christmas period

We all look forward to annual leave. A chance to be with our family and have a well earned break….

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Obligations of incoming employer under TUPE

The incoming employer (the company the employees are going to) will have obligations under TUPE to ensure the smooth transition…

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Obligations of the Outgoing Employer under TUPE

When employees are being transferred to another organisation under TUPE, there are certain obligations that the outgoing employer (the company…

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What is TUPE?

To put it plainly, TUPE ensures that when employees transfer to another business, they retain their current terms and conditions….

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How to Manage Performance

A performance management process is often used when an organisation hopes to work with an individual to help them to…

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How to conduct a fair investigation

Whilst it is hoped that it is never needed, there may well come a time where you will need to…

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Burnout in employees

We hear the term ‘burnout’ a lot in the news and on social media. But what is burnout? How can…

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During these exceptional circumstances we would like to assure you that the LMC continues to support its members. We are available via the usual number 0117 970 2755.

However, if you would like to contact us for a specific query please use the following email addresses:

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