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Customer Service Skills via Zoom

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10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Tuesday 21st July 2020

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for any individual who has contact with patients, customers or colleagues in their work place.

It highlights the importance of great patient and customer care in the work place. It starts by looking at why we need to do it and what good looks like. It looks at external and internal customers. It examines the four customer service behaviours, the people and technical circles, and how our attitude is key to delivering good service. It looks at the skills needed to deliver great customer service and how to use them to greater effect. Ensuring health and social care workers are highly skilled to provide excellent Customer Service to patients and customers.

Learning Outcomes

The workshop explores the following and will conclude with an action plan:
What does great service look like in your Practice?
Who are my customers? Internal customer map
What does good service look like and why do we need to do it? Hospital clips
What are the consequences of not doing it?
Service opportunities – going the extra mile
Why our attitude is key
The Psychology of service - 4 customer service behaviours
The balanced approach between the people and the technical circles
What can we do to make the service in our Practice even better?
What role can I play and how can I share this with others?
Customer service skills – what are they?
Listening - how good is my listening?
First impressions/body language/tone
Building rapport
Positive words – what ‘I can do’ rather than what ‘I can’t’ and good questions to ask
Case Studies using customer service skills – What would I say?
Golden rules to deliver great service over the phone and written word
Assertiveness and saying ‘no’ nicely
What I can do after this workshop?
Consider low capability and capacity in Customer Service skills can be significantly increased
Staff working collaboratively to provide optimum Customer Service to Patients and customers
Action plan and reflection

Max Participants: 0