Flexible Working

Flexible working describes a type of working arrangement which gives a degree of flexibility and level of choice on how employees work.

 It can cover various types of working such as:

·         Part time working

·         Compressed working – working full time hours but over fewer days

·         Flexitime – The employee chooses when to start and end work

·         Term time working

·         Job sharing

·         Working remotely – e.g. from home

As well as having benefits for employees, flexible working can help an organisation enhance their recruitment, engagement and retention of staff.

All employees have the right to make a flexible working request as long as they have worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks.  The distinction to be aware of is that the employee does not have to the right to work flexibly but does have the right to formally request to work flexibly.

Employees must write to the employer regarding the request.  An employee can only make one request in a 12 month period.

Then the employer needs to consider the request and make a decision within 3 months. It is advisable that you meet with the employee to discuss the request. If you agree to the request you must put the changes in writing.

You can turn down a flexible working request but you must ensure that the reason meets one of a set of criteria e.g. the work cannot be re-organised amongst existing staff, there will be a negative effect on the Business to meet demand. Rather than rejecting the request outright, you and the employee might be able to come to a compromise. If you cannot accommodate a flexible working request you should put this in writing to the employee explaining the business reasons for the refusal.


If you would like further information regarding flexible working please contact the HR team on 0117 9702 755 or e-mail Pauline pauline@almc.co.uk


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