Bridge View Medical is a recently merged Practice in South Bristol with a patient list of 37,500. We operate from four main sites and a small city centre site. We have a total of 29 GPs supported by a range of other clinicians including Pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners and a skilled Nursing Team. In total we have 136 colleagues working at the Practice delivering healthcare to a diverse population.

We pride ourselves on being a learning Practice which in turn looks to teach others. Two of our sites host GP Trainees and we also deliver a very large training programme for medical students from Bristol University and Nurse students from UWE. Bridge View Medical’s teaching across year groups was recognised in the last academic year with an Academy GP Teaching Practice Award.

In recognition that excellent performance is grounded in good training we hold education afternoons every six weeks. During these afternoons we bring all staff together and provide some whole Practice updates and then deliver targeted education delivered by external speakers or our own staff sharing their clinical expertise.

Although we are a multi-site Practice we recognise that people work best in established teams. Our approach is to provide each colleague with a permanent (home) site but ask that they work at another (away) site for short periods, usually of one day, to support their colleagues.

We have a total of fifteen Partners who are very clear in their desire to increase this number to ensure the Practice Partnership is always strong.

We are recruiting to the following positions:
• Six session permanent contract available now
• Six session fixed term contract to cover sabbaticals available now
• Six session fixed term contract to cover maternity leave available from January/February
• Six sessions permanent contract available from April 2020 due to retirement
• Four session permanent contract to cover various reductions in sessional commitment available now

We offer a generous compensation package of £9,363 per session together with six week leave and one week study leave, both pro rata.

We welcome visits to our sites together with the opportunity to talk to prospective candidates to help everyone decide if Bridge View Medical is the right Practice for them. We are developing a robust induction process and extended period of mentorship to ensure that we bring new members of staff into the Practice in a way that ensures the best possible chance of retention.

Please direct all expressions of interest to Brent Stephen, our Practice Manager, in the first instance by e-mailing to