Avon Health Education

The LMC recently reviewed its Training and Education Strategy, taking into account the changes that are taking place in general practice, including the needs of the various additional professional groups that are now employed within general practice

As a result of this, the LMC has created a new training and education organisation called Avon Health Education and it will be responsible ultimately for dealing with all aspects of training and education that the LMC is involved with.

In terms of education for GPs, we are continuing to provide GP education as we have done for many years although we have also identified particular courses as being multi-disciplinary at which there will be opportunities for different groups of clinicians to learn together, which reflects what happens in modern day general practice.
We are offering clinicians the opportunity to attend 4 courses per annum as part of the membership fee plus, two further multi-disciplinary courses at no extra cost.
If you are interested in joining please contact Mandy at mandy@almc.co.uk or 0117 9702755 or if you’d like to find out more please contact Jane at jane@almc.co.uk or 0117 9702755.