GP Safe House and COPE

GP Safe House

Avon LMC provides a GP Safe House facility to its member GPs. This is an online support system for professional challenges, where GPs can access support, advice and guidance at a range of levels. This is a virtual safe house with 4 “rooms” where information and support can be found. Every aspect of this is fully confidential.

The 4 areas are:

  • Burnout Recovery – self-assessment and solutions
  • Professional Relationships – common scenarios and solutions
  • Non-medical demands of work – scenarios and strategies
  • Careers advice – information and support.

In addition, if your need is for some personal advice and support, GP Safe House gives details of, and easy on-line communication with, an Advocate from an Avon LMC-based team of experienced GPs. Strict confidentiality is the rule and the system is designed for this communication to be anonymous if you so wish. Due to this high level of confidentiality, you need your personal password to use GP Safe House. Please contact or call the office on 0117 9702755 for your password.

For detailed information regarding the GP Safe House, or to login to the facility, please click here

Additional Support

BMA wellbeing support services

Confidential 24/7 counselling and peer support services are open to all doctors and medical students on 0330 123 1245. For further information see the Wellbeing support services page at

NHS Practitioner Health

Practitioner Health is a free, confidential NHS service for doctors and dentists across England. The service can help with issues relating to a mental health concern, including stress or depression or an addiction problem, in particular where these might affect work. 

For more information go to

Cope Scheme

The COPE scheme is also here to help.

What is it?

It is confidential
It is local – it is for doctors or practice managers working in primary care in the Avon LMC area
It gives direct access to psychologists, counsellors and professional coaching
It is for those who are under stress, in distress, depressed, burnt out, not coping, drinking too much or worried about themselves in any other way.
Don’t worry – you are not alone

How can you obtain help?

While COVID-19 restrictions are in place, our therapists and professional coach are happy to provide consultations by telephone or video link. Email or ring any of the following telephone numbers directly to contact the therapist/coach.

Remember to mention the COPE scheme and every effort will be made to put you through to the person involved straight away. If the therapist/coach is not immediately available, leave a message with a telephone number for them to phone you back as soon as possible.

Is it confidential and independent?

Yes. Anyone using the service will remain anonymous. No central records will be kept. The individual therapist/coach will keep confidential records.

How much will it cost to use?

The first three consultations with any psychologist, counsellor or coach will be free. After that, users will pay for themselves in a private capacity at a rate to be agreed by the individual therapist/coach.

How will it be evaluated?

The users will be asked to answer a brief questionnaire about what they expect and how they have been helped.
The therapists/coach will also be asked to keep an anonymous record of any consulations indicating age, sex of their client and the type of problems presented.

The co-ordinator will need this information in order to pay the therapists/coach and to demonstrate the value of the scheme in order to try and secure future funding for the service.

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