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9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Thursday 13th October 2022

Who Should attend

The course is appropriate for health professionals who are competent in ear irrigation

On completion of the 1 day microsuction course you will have:

• An understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the ear
• A foundation knowledge on which to base practical management of excessive earwax: to include instrumentation and microsuction
• An ability to examine the external ear, the external auditory meatus and tympanic membrane by correctly using the auriscope, microscope and loupes
• A foundation of knowledge on which to base practical wax instrumentation and microsuction according to your own level of practice competence
• The ability to undertake ear care within the boundaries and limits of your professional competence, responsibility and accountability
• The ability to take and record an aural history and an understanding of the legal implications related to poor documentation

Max Participants: 6

Venue Information

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