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Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed to enable Managers to increase their effectiveness in leading their teams towards their Practice goals.

We provide:

understanding and context for developing and improving teams;
give opportunities to learn skills and techniques to maximise communication and provide motivation;

We focus on a key fact – the manager makes the difference.

The aim of the workshop is to

Understand the different management styles and when to use them effectively
Identify the importance of team work for great performance
Explore ways of building resilience in our teams
Identify ways of ensuring positive communication in the team
Be clear about the importance of role modelling
Delegation top tips
Empowering teams and ensuring engagement

We start the workshop with:

Understanding what makes a good team.
We consider the Importance of the Team Leaders role and look at Tuckman’s Team development Model.
Then move on to the 4 stages of team development and conclude with an activity around what makes an effective Team?
The Importance of the Manager’s Role
The manager clearly has a crucial role in managing the Team’s Performance. We all have our preferred leadership style- probably honed and adapted over the years and often taken from other role models in our lives (or not!).
There are many theories and Leadership models- we are going to explore Situational Leadership.
Team Motivation and Feedback. There are so many theories of motivation we explore:
Seed analogy
Your top tips
Hot buttons
9 rules of motivation

We then look at positive and negative feedback cycles and discuss points to remember when giving feedback.

Building Resilience
We share top tips for coping with workplace stress and help managers to recognise signs of stress in others.
Team Roles and Matching Team to Task
A manager’s role is to get the best from their teams and contribute to the organisation’s aims. Knowing the people in your team, their Learning Styles, Managing their performance with regular conversations, honest feedback, and genuine praise.
Delegation top tips and empowering teams and ensuring engagement are subjects we will also explore.
Helping each other – we use Case studies to look at authentic workplace situations.
We conclude the workshop with a session on Comprehensive Action Planning.

Throughout the workshop we support learning with a range of clips, handouts and signposting to further areas of interest.

Max Participants: 11

Registration is currently closed.

We are pleased to announce our next “focus month” has begun. To find out more follow us on Facebook or Twitter or view any articles here.