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Ear Care update

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1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Wednesday 25th September 2019

Who Should Attend?

All staff  who have completed Ear Care training.

This study day is intended to give the practitioner more confidence when dealing with ear problems.

The knowledge gained from this day enables safer practice which can reduce patient discomfort, speed up resolution and make referrals more appropriate. It enables nurses to take a more active role in the prevention of ear problems, thus saving general practitioner consulting time and prescribing costs.

Learning Outcomes

Attending this course the student will gain:

An understanding of the basic anatomy and physiology of the ear.
An understanding of the prevention of ear problems.
Gain the knowledge which can be used to practice aural toilet, wax instrumentation and ear irrigation according to the attendees’ level of practice and competence.
An improved understanding of people with hearing loss and hearing aids.
Reflection on accountability and documentation.
An understanding of decontamination of equipment.
Considered the patient with ear problems holistically.
The ability to undertake ear care within the boundaries and limits of their professional competence, responsibility and accountability.
An understanding to complete achieved competencies as documented in the competency handbook, consistent with their individual level of skill and knowledge. These will be achieved through structured teaching, practical demonstrations, discussion and practical workshops.

Max Participants: 0

Venue Information

Courtside Surgery


Kennedy Way
BS37 4DQ


01454 313874

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