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Managing Difficult Conversations Zoom

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9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Thursday 13th January 2022


Developing productive relationships is a cornerstone of highly effective teams and excellent services.
Avon Local Medical Committee have requested a workshop aimed at primary care staff in managing
difficult conversations. There will be a specific focus on conversations where the circumstance or the
content has the potential to make them difficult or challenging. Participants will be able to apply
learning to a range of contexts e.g. in managing staff, in conversations with colleagues or with service

Learning Outcomes

Effective conversations are carried out through building relationships, developing our emotional
intelligence and developing our communication skills. This programme will facilitate positive, quality
conversations to increase engagement.
By the end of the programme participants will:
Be competent and confident in initiating and handling perceived difficult conversations,
Have an understanding of, and be able to apply good practice in effective conversations,
Be able to plan and prepare effective ‘openers’,
Be able to plan and prepare to give effective feedback,
Understand and respond effectively to defence mechanisms,
Review learning and plan action.

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