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Diabetes Update

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1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Wednesday 10th November 2021

Who Should Attend?

Any HCP working with Diabetes


Session format:

20 mins - Intro - Hot topics/news update

60 mins Presentation re: subject titles as listed below

30 mins Q & A s clinical conundrums/case discussion/offering supervision

10 mins breather mid - way through

Subjects to include:

· Hypoglycaemia and understanding BG monitoring

· Hyperglycaemia and Sick day rules (including Covid and diabetes)

· Importance of Lifestyle and Behaviour support goal setting – top tips

· What care to expect – including local pathways, DSE etc

· Safe use of insulin update – simple trouble shooting for any practitioner

Delivered by experienced Diabetes and Nutrition Clinicians, attendees will be signposted to the Sirona Diabetes Foundation Programme delivered by Sirona DANs team if not already completed, as a follow on from this session. This programme is free to Primary care clinicians

Max Participants: 12