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Diabetes Advanced Update

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1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Wednesday 1st December 2021

Who Should Attend?

Advanced skill builder sessions - for more experienced HCPs delivering diabetes services - Via MSTeams

Session format:

20 mins - Intro - Hot topics/news update

60 mins Presentation re: subject titles as listed below

30 mins Q & A s clinical conundrums/case discussion/offering supervision

10 mins breather mid - way through

· Diabetes Pathways – Navigating current pathways including treatment targets, NICE, ADA,EASD, Renal, Foot, Covid, Pregnancy

· Medications – Update on new insulin/medications/equipment and changes in licensing for existing medications

· Latest dietary advice – update on the latest dietary recommendations and local pathways

· Latest technology and research (making sense of the headlines)for example Libre 2, diabetes Apps

· Atypical diabetes presentations - eg ketosis prone diabetes, MODY and Flatbush- key signs and points , includes signposting

Delivered by experienced Diabetes and Nutrition Clinicians, attendees will be signposted to the Sirona Diabetes Insulin Initiation Programme delivered by Sirona DANs team if not already completed, as a follow on from this session. This programme is free to Primary care clinicians

Max Participants: 11