Recruitment naturally aligns itself with Human Resources after all it puts the human in your resources! Although we have been placing advertisements for vacancies on our website for many years we felt that we could support Practices in much more depth.

As a result we have created a tailored service that can provide end-to-end recruitment activities seeing Practices through from the initial person specification right through to selecting a successful candidate.

How it works

To begin the process we would have a meeting with you to discuss your requirements and then once agreed, provide you with some or all of these services:

  • Drafting of advertisements, job descriptions, and person specifications to meet your needs
  • Creating a timeline from the start of the recruitment cycle to the individual commencing in post
  • Placing the advert on a variety of job boards and forums, after discussion with you
  • Dealing with any queries and informal conversations that arise during the advertisement period
  • Creating recruitment packs for applicants
  • Creating interview packs for the interview panel
  • Assisting in the creating of interview questions
  • Assisting in shortlisting potential candidates
  • All communications with candidates prior to interview, such as sending out recruitment packs and interview information
  • Attending interviews as an HR advisor to ensure due process
  • Administering psychometric testing to candidates where appropriate
  • Administering additional recruitment and selection methods to candidates where appropriate
  • Analysing data obtained by any testing and recruitment and selection methods and preparing a report for you as the employer
  • Contacting candidates to arrange further interviews where appropriate
  • Contacting candidates to provide feedback on interviews and any testing and recruitment and selection methods
  • Creating and sending offer and rejection letters Completing reference requests for the chosen candidate
  • Assisting you as the employer with carrying out any appropriate pre-employment checks
  • Assisting you with referrals to Occupational Health where appropriate
  • Liaising with you as the employer to create an appropriate induction programme for the new employee
  • Creating and issuing a contract of employment to the new employee
  • Assisting in monitoring performance during the probationary period and beyond as necessary
  • Assisting with ongoing HR advice and support to you as the employer if required

Next Steps

If you would like to discuss any aspects of the service or obtain a quote dependent upon your requirements, please do not hesitate to call us on 0117 9702755.