Finance / Pensions / Retirement

The Cameron Fund

The Cameron Fund is the GPs' own charity. It is the only medical benevolent fund that solely supports general practitioners and their dependents. They provide support to GPs and their families in times of financial need, whether through ill-health, disability, death or loss of employment. Set up in 1970, the Fund is named in memory of Sir James Cameron... More Info

Pension – Ill Health Retirement

Depending on your situation and condition there are different options available. You can apply for a particular type but the option awarded will be decided by a medical assessor. Tier 1 If you are unable, on a permanent basis, to continue in your present job, you may be able to retire early and take your pension benefits without actuarial reduction.... More Info

LMC Buying Groups Federation

Avon LMC joined the LMC Buying Group in January 2023 to deliver savings to practices without creating any additional work or inconvenience. What does the Buying Group offer? Membership entitles practices to discounts on products and services provided by the Buying Group’s suppliers. Membership is free and there is no obligation on practices to use all the suppliers. However, practices... More Info

Injury Benefit Scheme

The Injury Benefits Scheme covers NHS workers with injuries or diseases caused through their employment before 31 March 2013. What is the NHS Injury Benefit Scheme? The NHS Injury Benefit Scheme is an income protection scheme available to qualifying NHS employees. The scheme is intended to provide a supplementary income to employees who suffer a temporary loss of NHS earnings... More Info

24 Hour Retirement for GPs

INTRODUCTION In 2006 the NHS Pensions Agency reviewed the then current Regulations and clarified the arrangements that enable General Practitioners to take 24 hour retirement in order to trigger their pension benefits. This opportunity exists for GPs whether salaried or in partnership, but has particular implications for contract holders as the underlying requirement of the NHS Pension Scheme is the members... More Info

NHS Pension Scheme

Proposed changes to member contributions from 1 April 2022 Following extensive consultation with the Scheme Advisory Board to inform positive policy development on members’ pension contributions (summarised below in ‘Member contributions’), the proposals presented for consideration in this document include: Members’ contribution rates would change to be based on actual pensionable pay instead of members’ notional whole-time equivalent pay. As... More Info