FCP/ACP Newsletter

Please see the first of the BNSSG Training Hub and ALMC FCP/ACP newsletter! We will be making this a regular piece to update and communicate hopefully every 2 weeks.

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By: | 29th January 2021 | PST News

During these exceptional circumstances we would like to assure you that the LMC continues to support its members. We are available via the usual number 0117 970 2755.

However, if you would like to contact us for a specific query please use the following email addresses:

Training courses mandy@almc.co.uk

DPO service kelly@almc.co.uk or liam@almc.co.uk

DBS/Occupational Health pauline@almc.co.uk

HR support pauline@almc.co.uk;, amy@almc.co.uk or catherine@almc.co.uk

Safe House catherine@almc.co.uk

Nursing Support Nursing@almc.co.uk

Finance sarah@almc.co.uk

General Enquiries info@almc.co.uk