Avon LMC employ a number of trainers allowing us to offer more specialist courses to practices. We recently caught up with one of our phlebotomy trainers, Angela, to find out more about the role.

What attracted you to the role of a trainer?

I felt that initially what attracted to me the role of phlebotomy trainer was making people aware of sharps safety to prevent needle stick injury, safe and best practice, not just about taking blood but the process of the whole patient journey. How to identify the individual, communicating, consent, building a rap pore and putting them at ease. In turn it prompted me to want to share my skills, knowledge and awareness.

Why would you recommend someone attending one of your courses? What are the benefits?

I would recommend my courses for anyone in a clinical setting starting from scratch, updating to a refresher course. It is very hands on all the equipment is relevant and used in all health care settings and covers order of draw, vein selection, procedures, blood transfusion, sharps safety, spillage, needlestick injury to competencies and assessment. The benefits for me personally at the end of the session I do a tiny quiz and I am always amazed that those that know nothing of venepuncture remember and retain what has been passed on to them in a few hours,  plus I have not bored anyone!!!

What do you enjoy about teaching/training people?

I enjoy passing on my skills , knowledge and experiences I have encountered over the years and feel passionate that I have delivered safe and best practice for individuals to lead by example.

What are  your thoughts on the training programme we offer at Avon LMC?

The content and training programmes for Avon LMC provides a wide range of learning and updating skills. Each study session provides an extensive evaluation form for individuals to provide feedback. (I am always looking for ways to improve my training sessions)

We'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Angela for her time and if you'd like to find out more about our training programme click here.